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  • Enhancing U.S.-Russia Business Relations

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U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce

The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (“USRCC” or the “Chamber”), a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization headquartered in Houston, Texas, was established in 2009 to promote investment and trade between Russia and the U.S. The USRCC was created with the support of the Greater Houston Partnership, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the City of Houston, and the Texas business community. In 2014, the USRCC established its Midwestern USA branch in Chicago and closely cooperates with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Illinois Governor’s Office and other civic and business groups in the State of Illinois. In 2015 the USRCC has also established its presence in the Northeast region of the USA.

As political relations between the Russian Federation and the United States continue their backslide, the importance of maintaining the bridges of commerce and business exchange is global in scope. In is in this vein that the Chamber was established: to maintain, strengthen and grow the ties in industries of mutual self-interest and foster business growth of Russian and American companies.

The USRCC supports its members and companies based in the South, Midwest and Northeast of the USA to establish and increase their in-bound and out-bound trade and investment with Russia in such industries as energy, oil and gas, chemicals, agriculture, healthcare, aerospace, services, IT, nanotechnology, finance, metals, logistics and transportation, and infrastructure development, among others. Hundreds of the US companies from these three regions are responsible for more than 30% of the overall US-Russia trade.


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