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Accreditation of Representative Office & Legal Entities in Russia

Opening of a representative office or subsidiary in Russia, identifying a plant site and erecting green field buildings, developing a technical support center with local universities or partners We can assist in establishing a base for a business in Russia, including a subsidiary in Russia, as well as offer help in setting up foreign companies’ representative offices, buying offshore companies and other international business assistance. We offer reliable, quick and price competitive service as we deal directly with the Russian authorities such as the Ministry of Justice and State Registration Office. We work so efficiently with the Russian authorities that, when establishing a representation office, it is not even necessary for you to come to Russia as we will handle all the paperwork from distance so that you save a lot of time and travel expenses. List of Services supplied to foreign companies and physical persons wishing to establish a business on the territory of the Russian Federation

  • Assistance in getting accreditation for foreign companies representative offices; registration for foreign companies affiliates; registration for legal entities incorporated and existing under the Russian laws as limited companies (OOO) and close corporations (ZAO) which are 100% controlled by a foreign company/companies, or in which a foreign company/companies has/have an interest on the territory of the Russian Federation (RF), including preparing a full package of the documents required in accordance with the Russian laws, translating them into Russian and getting certified copies of the documents, receiving a business approval certificate and a certificate of state registration.
  • Assistance in getting registration with both RF taxation authorities, including preparing a full package of the documents required in accordance with the Russian laws and receiving an appropriate certificate, and different funds (pension, social security, medical insurance), as well as assistance in receiving Goscomstat codes and making corporate seals and stamps. Preparing documents for and opening accounts of any type with banks on the territory of the RF.
  • Assistance in getting personal accreditation for foreign workers (official card, entrance visa and registration of the passport with the Visa and Registration Authorities under the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs). Booking accommodations on the airplane and train, at hotels, arranging for transfer, a cultural program, the hire of a car, providing translation services, and rendering assistance in Russian staff recruitment and selecting premises for the office.
  • Providing full legal support to companies operating on the territory of the RF. Taking into account an individual interest of clients, we offer consulting services on the selection of an appropriate legal form (representative office, affiliate, OOO or ZAO) and provide upon request a comparative report accounting for business and RF taxation system specificity.
  • Information services on checking the standing of Russian corporate partners. Assistance in getting a license for making banking operations from the Central Bank of Russia, as well as licenses for making other business operations when necessary. Assistance in buying, and getting registration of, offshore companies. Development of an individual scheme of business arrangement.

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