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Customized business reports on companies The reports are intended to provide the information on potential partner in the following options: Short reports are intended to provide the preliminary information about the potential partner, standard are to get ready for the primary negotiations, detailed reports are to prepare the negotiations and contracts. Short report is a presentation of the firm, which includes its registration activities. It is possible to understand from the short report whether the firm acts legally or is absent as a subject of the legal business (is not registered), whether the firm is a taxpayer. Besides the short report gives the information about the registered types of activity and the founder members. Short reports contain baseline information about the firm, sufficient for understanding whether this firm is worth to deal with. The report, for example, can tell you whether the organization is “newly-made” or it is a company with history. Standard reports: Apart from the registration data, it reports some financial results, data about foreign economic activity, banking connections. The standard report helps to understand that the given firm is legal (or is absent as a legal subject), is in service (or isn’t in service). For example, if the firm was registered as AOZT 1991 and nothing has changed since that time, it means that is unlikely to act now and isn’t worth collaborating with. It is possible to learn from the standard report, how large the firm is. It is possible to see, what production output it has, who are its main partners, what kinds of goods it proclaims. The real kinds of activity, which will be pointed out in the report, cannot coincide, for example, with that ones, which are pointed out by the firm in the advertisements or information guides. Such divergence can demand additional study. Besides, a conclusion of collaboration possibility is given in the standard report. An explanation is given for Russian clients: what is worth paying attention to – for example, share holders who established many firms. Attention is also paid to liabilities size, losses and administration. Detailed reports: This kind of report gives more information about business of a company, its activity on the market, correspondence of the registered kinds of activity to the real ones, partners, kinds of declared goods. Besides, possible mentions about the company in mass media are indicated. Conclusion about the possibilities of cooperation is given on the basis of analysis and balance rate. To request a service please contact us by e-mail:  info@usrussiacc.org or call at + 1 713 429 46 80 or fax at + 1 713 552 05 06

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