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Services provided to individuals and companies: 1. Accreditation of firms in the GUVD Visa Passport Department, Moscow. 2. Accreditation of firms in the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation. 3. Consultation for foreign citizens on the issues of entry-exit to Russia and relevant issues. 4. Checking and preparing of documentation, necessary for issuing an invitation to enter Russia in accordance with the regulation for foreign citizens of GUVD Visa Passport Department, Moscow, Russian Federation. 5. Registration of foreign citizens in GUVD Visa Passport Department. 6. Issuing of passports for Russian citizens in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To request a service please contact us by e-mail:  info@usrussiacc.org or call at + 1 713 429 46 80 or fax at + 1 713 552 05 06

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