Congratulations to our member, American Petroleum Institute, for achieving an important milestone! 100 Years of American Energy Innovation

While 2019 marks 100 years of the American Petroleum Institute and all that it offers to its member companies, what this milestone truly represents is 100 years of American energy innovation and achievement.

The U.S. energy industry has always been at the forefront of powering positive change – from supporting the war effort in World War I to the energy revolution that has made the United States the world’s leading producer, refiner and exporter of natural gas and the number one reducer of emissions.

Energy means everything to everyone. The natural gas and oil industry provides reliable and affordable energy to U.S. consumers, supports the creation of new technologies that we use every day, develops cleaner fuels, and exports energy that lifts developing communities out of poverty.

America’s natural gas and oil industry contributes to U.S. economic and energy leadership – supporting 10.3 million jobs, providing affordable energy to American families and businesses, strengthening U.S. national security, and establishing global best practices for safety and environmental stewardship.

Energy is the key to improving health, security and opportunity for millions. And the United States is the world leader in meeting demand growth safely and cleanly both here and abroad. As we honor a century of industry-driven progress, we also look ahead to a future made safer, brighter and more prosperous for communities around the world by continued energy innovation.

Here’s to the next 100 years of energy leadership.

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