Houston Tyumen Sister Cities Committee


The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (USRCC) has been charged with administering the Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities Partnership on behalf of the City of Houston.  In order to effectively and efficiently do so, USRCC has established the Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities Committee.  The USRCC Sister Cities Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing activities involving the relationship between Houston and Tyumen.Various projects between municipal, commercial and non-profit organizations of Tyumen and Houston are being developed with support of Houston Mayor’s Office and the Administration of Tyumen.


The Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities Committee has ambitious goals to further develop the relationship between the two cities.  Some of the areas both cities have indicated an interest in further developing are as follows:

1. Education

  • development of an exchange program for high-school students in order to familiarize them with various sectors of industries and vocational guidance;
  • development of a youth entrepreneurship support program;
  • exchange of experience in organization of youth job fairs;
  • exchange of experience in educational technologies;
  • development of programs for university cooperation;

2. Entrepreneurship

  • development of cooperative program and exchange of experience in order to support the “Tyumen Brand” competition;
  • conducting of joint expos/conferences/fairs;
  • exchange of experience for support and development of small and medium-sized businesses

3. Public–Private Partnership and Infrastructure Projects

  • exchange of experiences and best practices for civil engineers and city development specialists;
  • exchange of experience in planning and development of recreational zones;

4. Regional Tourism

  • exchange of experience in planning of regional tourism routes and development of regional tourism;

5. Oil and Gas

  • development of exchange of experience program for oil and gas specialists;
  • development of cooperative program for oil and gas organizations;

6. Healthcare

  • development of exchange of experience program for healthcare specialists;
  • development of cooperative program for healthcare organizations;

The Committee will endeavor to prioritize and further develop cooperation in these areas. A proposed action plan will be developed and coordinated with the City of Tyumen.


Current members of USRCC may join the Committee, but membership will be limited to 15 people.  If you are interested, please send an email to USRCC (info@usrussiacc.org).


The Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities Committee will meet once per month at various locations.


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