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The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (USRCC) has established a Technology and Innovation Committee (T&I Committee). The T&I Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing USRCC activities involving technology and innovation, and will work to develop programs promoting the United States as a hub for Russian technology and innovation investment as well as promoting U.S. technology and innovation investment in Russia. It will also develop training, commercialization, and financing programs for technology innovators. The T&I Committee works closely with the Executive Director of USRCC and the Board of Directors.

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The T&I Committee has ambitious goals to promote the U.S. as an opportunity for technology and innovation for companies from Russia as well as promoting Russia as a hub for technology and innovation for companies from the U.S. The main goals of the Committee are to:
  • Bring Russian companies to the U.S. that are mature enough and have the appetite to create subsidiaries for technology development and commercialization;
  • Apply specific focus to energy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, IT, and aerospace technologies for development;
  • Facilitate the advancement of Russian start-up companies in the U.S. through an incubation process including financial prospects;
  • Promote the investment of Russian technology companies and institutions, and assist those companies and institutions with financing and commercialization opportunities;
  • Organize an annual conference regarding U.S.-Russia technology, innovation, and commercialization opportunities and cooperation;
  • Promote the investment of U.S. technology companies in Russia and assist those companies and institutions with financing;
  • Further cooperation between Russian and U.S. companies and institutions in the technology and innovation sphere;
  • Promote U.S.-based technologies to Russian companies and institutions;
  • Assist Russian and U.S. universities to cooperate in technology transfer and innovation.

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The objective of the Committee is twofold:
  • To bring and develop new and innovative technologies to the U.S. through immersing Russian innovators into an intense entrepreneurial and incubating business environment leading to commercialization and economic growth;
  • To bring and develop new and innovative.

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Current members of USRCC may join the T&I Committee. T&I Committee participation will be limited to 15 people.

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  • Alexei Tcherniak, Portfolio Advisor, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
  • Andrey Zdvizhkov, BSc Mechanical & MSc Petroleum Engineering, Consulting for LUKOIL Int. & LITASCO SA
  • Richard Frogge, President, Radix Engineering and Software
  • Vladimir Sharnin, President and CEO, Tucana Engineering
  • David Gadzhimirzaev, Fullstream Director, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
  • Alexandre Riel, Development Planning Coordinator, ConocoPhillips
  • Ilya Aranovich, Director Business Strategy-Refining and Gasification, Lummus Technology, McDermott International Inc.

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Are you interested to join?

” tab_id=”1522946519255-52a5b443-8118″][vc_column_text]Please fill out the form.

Application is subject of USRCC’s approval