Technology & Innovation Committee Chair

Andrey Klimushin

Andrey Klimushin

Vision of Technology & Innovation Committee

Before accepting the position of the Technology and Innovation Committee’s chair I thought of how I see this committee in the future and what can I contribute to make this vision come true. My vision is to empower different industries with cutting edge technologies by sharing, exchanging and collaborating the knowledge all over the globe, to enable every member and every organization to achieve more.

As a committee, we strive to create local opportunity, growth, and impact in various countries around the world with primary focus on United States and Russian Federation.

Imagine, one of our members, a small company, might have an outstanding product, but be poorly recognized in its industry. I&T Committee opens the doors for such company by its ability to see and seize the opportunity, connecting the dots and introducing the future initiatives for its portfolio companies with the end in view of improving overall value of all of the involved companies.

We live in the world where enterprise companies are actively seeking out new technologies, which solve real, well-defined problems in areas of security, workflow, process automation, digitalization and Big Data analytics.

I&T Committee facilitates the opportunities and connections, as well as nurtures existing commercial and non-commercial relationships between enterprise and innovative companies, willing and able to remove obstacles and bridge two counterparts, creating win-win situations for all parties involved.



Andrey Klimushin

Andrey Sergeevich Klimushin was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia, and graduated from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, holding a Master of Reservoir and Petroleum Geology. He spent eight years working in Moscow in geological modeling and subsurface studies for national (CGE, Gazprom-neft) and international (AGR petroleum, Roxar) companies.

After moving to North America and working few years as a project team-leader and consultant for Emerson Mexico, were he helped the major oi and gas producer PEMEX to increase production for one of the biggest offshore fields in the world, he finally relocated to US to join Emerson team in Houston, Texas.

Andrey has more than fourteen years’ experience in subsurface modeling, business development and project execution. Firstly, he joined Emerson in 2008 and has since executed projects with increasing roles of responsibility. He has experience with leading geomodeling applications, unique projects delivery, cross-disciplinary upstream technologies including digital oil field approach, and was involved in business and marketing development on a software side.