Young Professionals Committee Chair



I am an Experienced Energy/Oil & Gas professional, and work as a tanker broker at Charles R. Weber Co., Inc in Houston, TX. My educational background includes Executive MBA in Energy at the University of Oklahoma – Price College of Business, and BS in International Maritime Business from Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I also hold a Certificate in Political Geography from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, and a Certificate in Political Governance and Public Policy in Russia, from Saint Petersburg State University.
I have a passion for business development and bringing ideas to life. I am intellectually curious and hold myself to the highest standards in every regard, especially in ethics and integrity. I am agile and possess an entrepreneurial mindset. I am interested in international political affairs, global economy, US-Russia bilateral relations, energy industry, education, and psychology. I enjoy surrounding myself and collaborating with the brightest individuals, as they inspire me to be the best version of myself, which is why I chose to join USRCC in the first place.
As the YP Committee Chair, my vision is to promote bilateral cultural and economic interests by organizing various networking events to energize and stimulate young minds to generate and exchange ideas, and to brainstorm creative solutions that benefit US-Russia bilateral trade interests.
In this modern interconnected global world, I see YP Committee playing a key role connecting young professionals in the US and Russia & CIS, to lead informed thinking, mutual appreciation, enhanced conversations, and collaboration on economic development projects. This can be achieved by raising awareness of opportunities, encouraging young entrepreneurs, mobilizing investors, and sharing expertise.
And on that note, I welcome you to join USRCC!