On June 27, the USRCC Young Professionals Committee hosted the 1st Senior Executive Knowledge Sharing Series event that took place at TMK IPSCO facility, Houston, TX  and drew more than 50 young professionals from diverse companies and industries. 
The event included TMK IPSCO R&D facility tour which was provided by Ryan Broussard, USRCC Young Professionals Committee member, Senior Product Development Engineer, TMK IPSCO, and Dhiren Panda, General Manager of Technology, TMK IPSCO. During the tour attendees had an opportunity to learn about metallurgy, testing and development of steel pipe, testing of premium pipe connections for the oil and gas industry. 
The R&D tour was followed by the presentation made by the keynote speaker Piotr Galitzine, Chairman and CEO, TMK IPSCO. During the presentation Mr. Galitzine provided the audience with a company’s profile including services, business structure and shared his personal story about his professional journey and discussed how to improve skills, knowledge and attitude to reach personal goals and advance career.
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