On Thursday, July 15th, the USRCC hosted its 2nd Aerospace Conference in a moderated webinar format.
Kenneth Scherwinski, Senior Vice President of Engineering Services, Saratech (Mission Viejo, CA) and Chairman of the USRCC’s Technology & Innovation Committee served as a moderator of the Conference. Mr. Scherwinski opened the webinar with welcoming remarks and overview of the USRCC and its T&I Committee.
The following industry experts have made their presentations during the Webinar:
  • Nathan Christensen, Senior Manager, Engineering and Scientific Methods, Northrop Grumman;
  • Nathan Holyoak, Manager, Digital Design and Integration, Northrop Grumman;
  • Scott Sevcik, Vice President Aerospace, Stratasys Systems;
  • Rick Murphy, Senior Vice President, Saratech.
Speakers have discussed the impressive technological advances that have recently been taking place in the aerospace industry, such as digitalization and 3D printing, improving the value of Model-Based Systems Engineering in the product lifecycle process, history of model base vs paper base design, future of MBE at propulsion systems. The recent trends include developments in virtual and augmented reality, product field application and model based design and enterprise. VR helps customers to understand scale and complexity of projects and helps engineers to identify design flaws before the first build. Cultural changes associated with moving away from 2D model design were also discussed.
Over 50 registrants from USA, Canada and Russia were engaged in a moderated Q&A session. Industry experts answered questions related to collaboration between different groups on developing the new technologies and specifics of different parts manufacturing using the 3D design technology.
“Great content across the board. Short and to the point. Good measure of where I need improvement in my on systems and where systems are currently.” – Brian Heiman, AM Sales, ImageNet Consulting LLC.

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