On September the 18th the USRCC hosted its “2nd Annual Senior Executive Knowledge Sharing Series: a Young Professional to an Industry Leader” organized by the USRCC Young Professionals Committee. The event took place at the University of Houston, Bauer College of Business and featured Mr. Marco MarsiliVice President, New Business Development & Commercial North America and Brazil, Shell International Exploration and ProductionCompany, Upstream and Integrated Gas.

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The presentation made by Mr. Marsili truly resonated with the audience of young professionals as many of them were looking for an expert advice on career progression. Mr. Marsili discusses his personal professional journey, provided a valuable advice on how to improve leadership skills, knowledge and attitude to reach personal goals and advance career, emphasized the key strategies for discovering professional core values and shared how effectively engage and motivate people.
“Having attended my first Young Professionals event with the Russian Chamber of Commerce, I feel that there is much benefit in the program. Firstly, the speaker for this event was from the top echelon of a major oil and gas company, and it is not often that young professionals get career insight from Vice Presidents of a company like Shell. Secondly, Mr. Marsili’s presentation was broad enough in nature to be of interest even to those who are not currently doing business in Russia. I believe such events can attract a wider range of professionals to network with and create goodwill for the Chamber at large.
Overall the program was well organized and timed. I particularly enjoyed the Q&A session and an open discussion with Mr. Marsili”.
Irina Reshetnikova, Contracts and Procurement, Shell Pipeline S&D Projects
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