On May 23, 2019, the U.S – Russia Chamber of Commerce (“USRCC”) in partnership with Marilyn Davies College of Business, University of Houston – Downtown, hosted its 3rd Annual Senior Executive Knowledge Sharing Series with H. Daniel Hogan, General Manager, LUKOIL International Upstream West. The event was organized by the USRCC Young Professionals Committee.

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The 3rd Annual Senior Executive Knowledge Sharing Series started with opening remarks made by the USRCC Management and were followed by welcome remarks provided by Brett Hobby, Director, Career Center, Marilyn Davies College of Business, University of Houston-Downtown. Mr. Hobby greeted the audience on behalf of the University of Houston-Downtown, provided information about various Career Center’s services, and wished everyone a great and productive discussion.

Mr. Hobby’s speech was followed by introductory remarks made by Ilya Aranovich, USRCC Young Professionals Committee Chair, who gave a brief overview of the USRCC’S Young Professionals programs, talked about the goal of the event and its agenda. Then, he turned the podium over to the keynote speaker Mr. Hogan.

Mr. Hogan starter his presentation with a quote made by an American singer Dolly Parton: “I don’t try to tell other people what to do.  People always say ‘what type of advice do you give?’  I don’t give advice, I have information if you want to know some facts and if you want to know sometimes how I dealt with something, but I do believe everybody has a right to be themselves. Everyone has their own path and their own road to walk, and everybody’s talent is different”.  By this quote, Mr. Hogan emphasized that he came to share his experience and knowledge and not to tell attendees what exactly they should do to succeed as he believes that everyone has different paths.

During the presentation, Mr. Hogan shared with the audience his educational and professional journey and pointed out the importance of having a list of personal values that should guide a person throughout his or her career.

Mr. Hogan spoke about the career lessons he learned the hard way, emphasized the importance of the work-life balance and personal sacrifices that some positions may require, and shared his key attributes of professional success: willingness to do what is asked of you (within your values) and hard work.

Mr. Daniel Hogan’s speech was accompanied by a lot of questions from young professionals and he gave an honest answer to each one of them. He answered questions like how to deal with work-related pressure and stress, what set of skills a person should have to make it to the C-level, how to select the right people for your team, how to nurture a talent, and many others.

The lively Q&A session was followed by the networking session where attendees had a chance to have a talk with Mr. Daniel Hogan, meet other young professionals from various industries, and exchange business cards.

We would like to thank the keynote speaker Mr. Daniel Hogan, attendees, USRCC Young Professionals Committee members and the team of the Marilyn Davies College of Business, University of Houston – Downtown for hosting this wonderful event!


“The 3rd Annual Senior Executive Knowledge Sharing Series event was meaningful and engaging. Its format was conducive to networking and learning from inspirational leaders in the field, such as Daniel Hogan.  The USRCC team was instrumental in guiding the engaging discussion with the keynote speaker.”

– Leana N. Garipova, Attorney at law, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, Attorney at law.

The event with Dan Hogan of Lukoil was fantastic!  Attendees were treated to a well-spoken and seasoned professional who openly shared about his successes and challenges within the energy industry.  He also eagerly talked with attendees one-on-one before and after the event helping to ensure a successful event.

– Brett Hobby, Director, Career Center, Marilyn Davies College of Business, University of Houston-Downtown.

“A great practical event, packed with so expanded young business community professionals, businesses and great speaker from the corp world, offering a unique balance between academic research and industrial experience.
Folks with diverse expertise, very conductive to networking and learning from the leaders in the field, all the staff are very professional and helpful, great thanks”

– Khadim Urazbayev, Contracts Lead, Kashagan. Attendee.

“It’s always a pleasure attending the US Russian Chamber of Commerce events. Whether the occasion is for corporate networking purposes or gaining knowledge from The Young Professional Committee, the meetings are always informative, enjoyable and diversified. Tamara and Natalia do an exceptional job of coordinating events and presenting speakers that not only insightful, but engaging as well. The energy can always be felt throughout the room while networking with others. Mr. Pidgirsky consistently checks to how he may be of assistance to others in any way, and if he can’t, he’s more than happy to place you in the path of someone who can further guide you. I look forward to becoming one of the chamber’s members and maintaining a lasting business relationship.”

– Rodger Green, Arkhein Global. Attendee.

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