On November 1st, 2018, the U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce (the “USRCC”) hosted its 3rd Annual Technology and Innovation Conference organized by the USRCC Technology and Innovation Committee. This Conference was held at the Petroleum Club of Houston, Downtown.

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The event was “by invitation only” and focused on some of the most current global technology trends in leading industries, such as oil and gas, healthcare and aerospace. Topics of this year’s conference included Digital Deluge, Big Data, Blockchain and Robotics.

The audience was represented by the leading experts and senior leaders in aerospace, heads of technology departments of some of the major oil and gas operators and service companies, real estate developers, heads of technology and engineering programs from various universities, representatives of venture capital firms and startup companies, and other business executives who were eager to learn more about the emerging and breakthrough technological innovations.

More than 70 attendees included vice presidents, chief officers, presidents, senior executives and technology leaders from NASA JSC Engineering, Tucana Engineering, TMK ISPCO, Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Halliburton, Emerson, ExxonMobil, Tudor Pickering & Holt, TAM International, Radix Engineering, Hess Corporation, Moss Adams, Saudi Aramco Ventures, GE, GHP, Total International Ventures, University of Houston, University of Houston- Downtown, Rice University, Parker Drilling, Caterpillar, Skolkovo, Moody Rambin, Zenith Real Estate, ChaiOne, representatives from the Harris County leadership, and many others.

Welcome remarks were made by Joel Mastervich, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, TMK IPSCO, who emphasized the rich agenda of the event and greeted the audience on behalf TMK ISPCO, Platinum Sponsor of the 3rd Technology and Innovation Conference.

Welcome remarks were followed by the keynote presentation made by Tom Moroney, Former Vice President, Deepwater and Wells Technology, Shell Innovation, Research & Development, addressing innovation in Gulf of Mexico exploration and production.

Speakers of the “Robotics” session included Dr. Robert Ambrose, Chief, Software, Robotics and Simulation Division, NASA JSC Engineering, David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer, NOV and David Diederich, Vice President, Research and Product Development, TMK IPSCO. The session was moderated by John Gibson, Chairman, Energy Technology, Tudor, Pickering & Holt, former President, Halliburton. Presenters covered AI and robotics evolution in oil and gas and aerospace exploration, and use of tracking and coding technologies for pipe serialization.

“Digital Deluge” session speakers included Terry Folsom, Integrated Solutions Manager (U.S. Gulf Region), Emerson Automation Solutions, Gaurav Khandelwal, CEO, ChaiOne, Dr. Edward Furlong, Chief Data Scientist, Oil Field Services, Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Marcus Ganz, Strategic Business Manager, Ingrain Services, Halliburton, Dmitri Koroteev, Head of Data Science in Oil and Gas, Skoltech, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. The session was moderated by Rich Frogge, President, Radix Engineering and Software, USRCC Technology and Innovation Committee member. The discussed topics included digital core, AI, data science applications, connected ecosystems, and project certainty.

Another USRCC Technology and Innovation Committee Member, David Gadzhimirzaev, Senior Digital Solutions Leader, Baker Hughes, a GE Company moderated  the “Big Data” session, which covered topics from digital transformation to machine learning. Speakers included Hassane Elias Kassouf, Global Technical Business Director, Paradigm, Exploration and Production Software, Emerson Automation Solutions,  Dr. Mario Ruscev, Director, Expro, Former Chief Technology Officer, Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Justin Conroy, Program Manager, Radix Engineering and Software, Dr. Ashwani Dev, Digital and Data Science Officer, Landmark Software & Services, Halliburton.

The luncheon keynote speaker Doug Erwin, Chairman and Principal, RedHouse Associates, Former EVP and COO of BMC Software, and successful serial entrepreneur, shared his opinion on the importance of constant changes, emphasized implementation of innovations in business, education, IT, public transportation, and other areas, Houston’s future as a technology and innovation hub, risks of technology inflexibility, and provided his advice to the future business leaders.

The luncheon keynote presentation was followed by the “Blockchain” session. Dania Kodeih, Industry Technology Strategist, Microsoft and Dmitry Rakul, Strategy & Integration, Digital Supply Chain,Global Supply Chain, Hess, discussed the use cases for blockchain in oil and gas industry. The session was moderated by Greg Price, Enterprise Systems Consulting Director, Moss Adams.

“Start-Ups” session was moderated by the Chair of the USRCC Technology and Innovation Committee, Andrey Klimushin, Team Lead, Roxar, Exploration and Production Software, Emerson. Speakers included  Andrew Bruce, CEO, Data Gumbo, Sammy Haroon, CEO, AlphaX Decision Science, LLC,  Piers Wells, Vice President, North America, Sales, Arundo, Audrey Mascarenhas, President and CEO, Questor Technology, CEO, ClearPower Solutions, Dr. John Lovell, VP Technology & Strategy, MicroSilicon Inc.

Each session was followed by the Q&A and networking. The audience was actively involved in the discussions showcasing their interest in the conference’s topics.

The Conference concluded with the networking session where speakers and attendees exchanged opinions and made new business connections.


“I had the privilege of moderating a panel on Robotics at the 2018 USRCC. The quality of the speakers was on par with a conference 20X the size. NASA, NOV, and TMK IPSCO covered immense ground from advances in robotics to change management associated with the threat to jobs many robots pose. Always a good outcome when you leave better informed”.

John W. Gibson, Jr., Chairman, Energy Technology, Tudor, Pickering & Holt, Former President, Halliburton.

“It was a well organized event with diverse participants from across the industries. It was insightful to see the digital journey and potential challenges companies in different business segments are facing. Also, discussion around Machine learning, IoT and blockchain demonstrated that companies are going through similar learning experience. It is evident that all sectors are facing similar challenges around data quality, skill transformation and business justification around digital transformation projects. It was good to see universities from US and Russia, Houston business and local development community all coming together to understand the implications of digital future for themselves and local commerce collectively. It was also insightful to learn about the startup ecosystem developing in Houston. Overall a great networking and learning experience”.

Dr. Ashwani Dev, Digital and Data Science Officer, Landmark Software & Services, Halliburton.

We would like to thank all the attendees, speakers, moderators, USRCC volunteers, USRCC Technology and Innovation Committee members, and our Platinum Sponsor TMK IPSCO.

For event pictures visit our Facebook page.


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