3rd Women's Leadership Speaker Series


On November 28, 2017, the USRCC hosted the 3rd Annual Women’s Leadership Speaker Series luncheon.  
The event took place at the Cornell Club of New York City and  drew about 50 business professionals from a variety of different industries and backgrounds. 

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The panel discussion was moderated by Lenka Wiles, Senior Manager, RSM US LLP. Panelist speakers included: Lauren Pittelli, CEO, GEFCO Forwarding USA and Olga Miller, CEO, Renova Group USA.
During the discussion panelists provided the audience with a unique perspective, real examples of challenges and encouraged young female professionals to break barriers with insights on diversity and success.
Guests had a unique opportunity to ask questions, network and get a frank advice from influential women who have achieved success and are making an impact on U.S.-Russia and international trade and investment.  
Our special thanks to our sponsor RSM for making this event a success.
Testimonial by the moderator Lenka Wiles:
“On behalf of myself and RSM US LLP, it was a great pleasure and honor to moderate the USRCC’s Third Women’s Leadership Series Panel.  Our distinguished panelists, Olga Miller and Lauren Pittelli, were engaging as they candidly shared their many professional and personal experiences.  Olga and Lauren not only spoke about their executive roles and their upward career trajectories to get there, but also discussed international business, the impact being a woman has had in their endeavors, and their thirst for life, learning and achievement.  They concluded with words of wisdom, which incorporated the importance of mentorship and listening, and appreciation of other people, cultures and environments.  Thank you to the USRCC for this opportunity.”
I very much enjoyed the meeting and found the experiences reported by the women panelists to be interesting and helpful.  I particularly would like to encourage anything that will help to improve US – Russia dialogue, which I think can benefit both of our nations and the world.”
Diane Sare, Founder and Co-Director,  Schiller Institute
“This year’s selection of candidates were quite impressive and informative.
Lenka Wiles of RSM US LLP, Lauren Pittelli form Gefco Forwarding USA and Olga A. Miller from Renova were most eloquent from their stories and explanations of moving up the ladder of success to
their managerial philosophes in present day business and personal activities.  All in attendance listened on intently and I am sure picked up some tips to help them and myself with future endeavors.
Also it was great to mingle and meet up with the Chamber members that I am sure to network and keep in touch with going forward. I am looking forward to events in the future.”
Bill Baran, District Manager, JFK/EWR, GEFCO Forwarding USA
To view event pictures visit our Facebook page.


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