As a part of our efforts to support Houston-Tyumen business relations, and on behalf of the USRCC Houston-Tyumen Sister Cities Committee, the USRCC Executive Director, Tamara Doescher attended the U.S. – Russia Mayors Summit which was a part of the 61st Sister Cities Annual Conference that took place at Virginia Beach, VA on July 13- July 15 2017.

During the Summit attendees had a chance to learn about the history and critical importance of the U.S.-Russia Citizen Diplomacy, the current state of exchange programs, trade and economic relations, the role of Sister Cities, and development and future cooperation between the two countries.

Some of the presenters included: Hon. John Beyrle, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Hon. Will Sessoms, Mayor of Virginia Beach, VA, Ambassador John O’Keefe, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation/Executive Director, Open World Leadership Center, Mary Kane, President/CEO, Sister Cities International, James Wood, City Councilman, City of Virginia Beach, VA.

During the Conference Harry Gee, President of the Sister Cities of Houston and Ellen Goldberg, Immediate Past President of the Sister Cities of Houston had a chance to make a presentation to Sister Cities International and was selected to host the 2019 conference in Houston. Since that will be the 50th anniversary of Man’s landing on the moon, we all hope to work together with Sister Cities and NASA to make it a memorable event.

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