On October 3, 2018, the USRCC hosted its 8th Annual Welcome Reception Honoring Russian and CIS Delegations to Breakbulk Americas 2018. The event took place in Four Season Hotel, Houston TX. 

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The reception was attended by more than 80 business representatives including leading experts in shipping, transportation and logistics, real estate development, suppliers, investors, executives from oil and gas industry, and Government officials. Among others, the attendees included representatives from the Port of Philadelphia, Antwerp Port Authority, Port of Houston, Radiant Maritime India Ltd., PENN Warehousing and Distribution, NUCO Logistics, Inc., GTG Technology Group, FR8AGENT Logistics, Jones, UNI International, NEK, Atlantic RO RO, CISN Shipping Group, Amrus Logistics, Bahri Logistics, NOV, Wolseley Industrial Group, and many others.
The audience was greeted by Hon. Alexander Pisarev, Consul General of the Russian Federation and Mr. Will Whitehouse, Senior Manager, Trade Development, Port of Houston.
This year’s event also included educational session on the latest trends and developments in shipping and logistics. Presentations were made by Mr. Nikolay Belikov,  Operations Director, JSC “NEK” and Ashish Gadnis, Co-Founder and CEO, BanQu. 
Mr. Belikov provided the audience with an overview of the Eurasian Economic Union (“EAEU”) and included the information regarding current EAEU membership, statistical trade data, highlighted key changes in EAEU Customs Code as well as negative and positive aspects of the EAEU implementation.
Mr. Ashish Gadnis’s presentation was focused on the blockchain technology in shipping. Mr. Gadnis showed application of the blockchain technology in shipping and logistics, explained its impact on efficiency and transparency of supply chain, including storage, delivery and payment, and presented new solutions for businesses that traditional models were not able to provide. Due to the complexity of today’s current supply chain, there was a lot of interest in how blockchain could transform the logistics industry. 
Closing remarks were made by Mr. Rick Shannon, President of Atlantic Ro Ro. Mr. Shannon has more than 40 years in the transportation industry and he shared with the USRCC members and guests his unique insight into U.S.-Russia business relations and opportunities.
Testimonial by Mr. Ashish Gadnis, Co-Founder and CEO, BanQu:
“The event was focused and relevant to the challenges faced by shipping, logistics companies and port authorities today! The impact of technologies like blockchain on them is not only relevant but is urgent. I found the event to be very relevant to BanQu as our mission is to provide transparency and traceability to the last mile for large companies that are trying to be both purpose driven and profitable”.
The event would not be possible without generous sponsorship of NEK and Atlantic Ro Ro.
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