On April 11, the USRCC hosted the CEO Panel. This exclusive “by invitation only” event took place in New York City, NY and provided guests with a deeper understanding of the US-Russia business climate, opportunities and challenges from some of the most influential leaders in US-Russia trade and investment.  The panel discussion was moderated by Meril Markley, Senior Director-International Tax, RSM US LLP.
Panelist speakers included: Piotr Galitzine, Chairman and CEO, TMK IPSCO; Rick Shannon, President, Atlantic Ro-Ro; and  Paul Swigart, CEO, VTB Capital.
Thoughts from the Moderator, Meril Markley, Senior Director-International Tax,  RSM US LLP:
“The CEO Panel, featuring Piotr Galitzine of TMK IPSCO, Rick Shannon of Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers, and Paul Swigart of VTB Capital, offered a wide range of views on everything from the restoration of churches in Russia’s provinces to the impact of sanctions on companies doing business with Russia.  Rick Shannon’s perspectives arose from his early relationship with post-Soviet era shipping and the privatization of transatlantic shipping lines.  Seeing the need to streamline customs procedures and promote transparency, he promoted the adoption of Order 441 for the Port of St. Petersburg.  Piotr Galitzine offered insights into running the U.S. arm of TMK, the Russia-based multinational that is world’s largest manufacturer of steel pipe, and his company’s role in the expansion of oil and gas production in the U.S.  For Paul Swigart, his involvement in running the U.S. arm of VTB Capital, a Russian investment bank, began with studying the Russian language and participating in an environmental project for the Audubon Society in Siberia.”
Our special thanks to our sponsors for making this event so successful: TMK IPSCO,  Atlantic Ro-Ro  and RSM US LLP
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