Artem Nadikta, Chair of the Hoston-Tyumen Sister Cities Committee for the Chamber, recently traveled to Tyumen to further progress under the initiative. The Sister Cities relationship started in 1995, but USRCC was only recently charged with responsibility for its implementation. Please find below additional information, which is an excerpt from the Mayor’s Newsletter in November 2012.


During his very productive visit to Tyumen, Mr. Nadikta discussed six areas of future cooperation with Tyumen City officials including: education, entrepreneurship, municipal, regional tourism, oil and gas industry, and healthcare. The leadership of Tyumen expressed an interest in developing educational travel programs for Tyumen high school students, which would familiarize them with various industrial sectors and spur interest in science careers. Additionally, the formation of university linkages was seen as critical. The Tyumen City Administration also proposed the development of a joint project in support of entrepreneurship that will encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the two cities. The administration’s own efforts in support of small and mid-sized businesses led to the establishment of “Tyumen Brand” competition, which promotes high-quality and service-oriented businesses.

Lastly, collaborative programs were suggested in the areas of municipal planning and development, healthcare and oil and gas industries. Among other things, Tyumen is interested in learning from Houston’s experience in development of urban transport, infrastructure and recreational zones. The city administration hopes that cooperative conferences expos and fairs will provide a forum for open dialogue between engineers and medical professionals, which in turn will increase opportunities for future partnerships and provide exposure to different research environments.


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