On October 27, 2014, in partnership with the City of Houston, the USRCC had a great pleasure to host a Moscow City Government Delegation.

The Delegation included Mr. Sergey Kapkov, Minister of Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Culture;  Konstantin Petrov, Counsellor of Moscow Department of External Economic and International Relations;  Ekaterina Shchuryakhina, Consultant of International and Interregional Relations Division of Moscow Department of Culture; Ilya Chernyshev, Director of  Severnoe Tushino Park; Sergey Boldyrev, Director of Fili Park; Anastasia Anikeeva,  Senior expert of PR department of Gorky Park; Vitaly Timofeev, Director of Planetarium; Natalia Artyukhina, Director of Museum of Cosmonautics;  Elena Potemina, Vice Director of The Pushkin Museum; Daria Silina, Commercial Director of Centre of Cultural Events; Ilya Kuzmin, Deputy Head of Department of External and Economic Affairs, Kirill Batarin, Head of International Programs Division, and other dignitaries.

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The USRCC Official Dinner honoring the Delegation was held at Rainbow Lodge, restaurant featuring Texas authentic sea food and wild game in a historic log cabin. The dinner was attended by about 40 business executives and dignitaries including, among others, representatives from Lukoil, Gazprom, Neftegaz, OMK, Scientific Drilling, City of Houston, Rusk Capital Management, and others.

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