Value of MBA or Another Graduate Program in Career Development


On December the 14th, the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce (“USRCC”) hosted its last event of 2017 –  Career Progression Panel and Networking Session. The event was organized by the USRCC Young Professionals Committee and took place at the University of Houston Downtown (“UHD”). The Panel provided attendees with a  unique opportunity   to get insights on the true value of an MBA and other graduate programs  from business professionals and UHD faculty members.

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The keynote presentation was made by  Dr. Kevin Barksdale,  Associate Dean of Graduate Studies,  Marilyn Davies College of Business,  University of Houston-Downtown  who imparted his own wisdom on the value of an MBA and discussed the MBA program currently available at the UHD.
Panel speakers included Michale Frogge, Director, Deal Advisory, KPMG, Esteban Montero, System Engineer, Chevron and Pierre Jean Daniel, CEO, Antaeus Technology. The panel was moderated by Ilya Aranovich, Global Licensing Manager, GTC Technologies, USRCC Young Professionals Committee Chair. 
During the comprehensive discussion panelists provided the audience with their opinions about how much graduate programs are really worth in today’s business market and if they truly enhance careers and create job opportunities.
Thoughts from the Moderator, Ilya L. Aranovich, Young Professionals Committee Chair, USRCC/Global Licensing Manager, GTC Technology:
“What a fun and inspirational night! I am thankful to the USRCC Young Professionals Committee and  staff for putting together such an informative session focusing on challenging yourself to learn new skills, stepping out of the comfort zone to make new acquaintances that will influence your career on and off the playing field; finding the inspiration to expect more of yourself. 
Dr. Barksdale, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at UHD, keynote speaker opened with the presentation on the UHD MBA program that has been rapidly growing in the last years with testimonials from 2 graduate students Artem Malinin and Svetlana Bondareva. The keynote was followed by the panel session which I was honored to serve as a moderator and meet in person our experienced  panelists. Pierre Jean Daniel, CEO of Antaeus Technologies kicked off with insights on how his deep technical knowledge gained through 2 Msc from University of Bretagne and ESIEE-Paris helped him develop and deliver innovative products and helped connecting with the real problems of his global clientele. Esteban Montero, Systems Engineer at Chevron spoke about challenging yourself to overcome the fears of progress and take more responsibility based on his own experience of leading several start-up companies. Having completed the MIT MSc program he shared his experience on doing pioneer work with his colleague Alexei Maslovfor the Chevron Artificial Intelligence program to improve business decision making. Michael Frogge, Director, Deal Advisory at KPMG gave insights to value of certification vs full MBA program and explained how his MBA from Rice University helped him be a successful angel investor in several Irish bars in the Houston area, in the free time from supporting key accounts in the Oil and Gas industry at KPMG.
Everyone left equipped  with valuable idea’s on how to approach career progression via an advanced degree. “
Testimonial by Dr. Kevin Barksdale, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Marilyn Davies College of Business, University of Houston-Downtown
” I really enjoyed the panel discussions and the seamless integration of UHD and the  USRCC  for serving the community and supporting professional career development and  progression. We also captured two Russian students’ success stories that I personally find very inspiring and motivating, a great event to culminate a very successful year for UHD and the USRCC 
Our special thank to the USRCC Young Professionals Committee for making this event a success.
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