Young Professionals “HR Panel and Networking Event”

``From Entry Level to CEO - How to Continue Moving Up the OrgChart``

On February 22, the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce (“USRCC”) hosted its HR Panel and Networking Event  “From Entry Level to CEO – How to Continue Moving Up the OrgChart”. The event was organized by the USRCC Young Professionals Committee and took place at the University of Houston.
The keynote presentation was made by Dr. Suryanarayanan Radhakrishnan,  Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Houston, Bauer College of Business,  Managing Director, UH Energy who shared his thoughts and expertise on what are the key skills and traits an employee must develop in order to transform into a leader.


Panel speakers included Melissa Calhoun , Senior Director, Talent Management, Human Resources,   Halliburton, Dave Gocek, Vice President, Human Resources, Emerson Automation Solutions, Glenda Valero de Silano , HR General Manager,  Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production, Alexandria Uribe , Global Talent Manager, Mining & Minerals, Automation & Controls, Technology & Consulting Business Lines, Wood plc. The panel was moderated by Ilya Aranovich, Global Licensing Manager, GTC Technologies, USRCC Young Professionals Committee Chair.
During the comprehensive discussion panelists provided the audience with their frank professional opinions about how to survive in a big organization, discussed the key tips that  help the transition from an individual contributor to a management role and how to adopt a long-term positive and productive frame of mind for managing performance of a work group, build trust, make decisions, and deal with difficult situations.
Thought by the moderator, Ilya Aranovich, Global Licensing Manager, GTC Technologies, USRCC Young Professionals Committee Chair:
“A great event hosted in close partnership with the University of Houston! I am thankful to the USRCC Young Professionals Committee for putting together an informative session filled with tips and insights on how to survive in the corporate world, establish yourself as a leader and really push the limits in your career through working together with teams in a modern, diverse, international and even virtual reality.  Dr. Suryanarayanan Radhakrishnan, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Houston, as the keynote speaker opened with the presentation on the most important takeaways from his 36 years career in Shell that define true leaders. Listening, sharing credit, taking responsibility were traits highlighted by personal experiences from Dr. Radha’s assignments in different segments of Shells business around the world.
The keynote was followed by the panel session which I was honored to serve as a moderator and meet in person our experienced panelists. Melissa Calhoun, Senior Director, Talent Management, Human Resources,   Halliburton  kicked off with insights from her own career, which she started in a position as a field engineer, on how technical employees and altogether individual contributors can approach their first supervisory role and provided her experience with best practices for having the right conversations about both lagging and outstanding performances. Dave Gocek, Vice President, Human Resources, Emerson Automation Solutions having supported Emersons global teams spoke about his views on the philosophy an organization should adapt on developing leaders and how important mentoring and networking inside and organization is. Glenda Valero de Silano, HR General Manager, Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production, having served in the Chevron system in the US, Canada, Kazakhstan gave an international view on her biggest leadership and personal challenges while transitioning in roles and shared her perspective on managing difficult tasks as a team. Alexandria Uribe, Global Talent Manager, Wood plc,  discussed the globalization of organizations and virtual work teams, leadership and stakeholders and gave her insights on the benefits companies can gain by having multiple generations of professionals collaborating in the workplace.
After this great networking opportunity, everyone left equipped with valuable idea’s on how to approach career progression”.

Testimonial by the panelist Alexandria Uribe, Global Talent Manager, Mining & Minerals, Automation & Controls,   Technology & Consulting Business Lines, Wood plc:


“I had the pleasure of serving as one of the panelist at the USRCC’s “HR Panel and Networking Event “From Entry Level to CEO – How to continue moving up the OrgChart”. It was such a wonderful opportunity for HR Practitioners to share real world experiences with such a diverse audience and in return, gain insights into their questions and perspectives. As an HR leader, I regularly seek out opportunities to network with emerging talent and I found this event to be an exceptional platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. I have to thank Maryna Solodka, General Manager USRCC, personally for recommending me to participate as a panelist and the entire USRCC team for organizing such a unique and effective networking event”.

Saghar Miri – MS-HRMHR Specialist, Organizational Development, EthosEnergy Group:

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to U.S. – Russia Chamber of Commerce for organizing such fantastic and successful event. I was impressed by all of the prominent motivational speakers, and personally learned a lot from them. Great ambience, tremendous learnings, and great interaction showed how well-planned the event was. It has been a privilege to be a part of this event along with all the other people attended there”.

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