U.S. - Russia Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership levels

Membership benefits

  1. Development of business partners and contacts in Russia and United States
  2. Immediate assistance to the US companies exploring investment and business expansion in Russia, through centrally located headquarters in Houston
  3. Immediate assistance to the Russian companies exploring investment and business expansion in US
  4. Access to the USRCC database: US companies doing business with Russia and Russian companies doing business with US; members of the USRCC directories; access to commercial database; distributors of products related to oil and gas, energy, technology, healthcare, transportation, metal sectors in Russia
  5. Participation in monthly and bimonthly seminars, events, networking meetings
  6. Trade missions to Russia and search for potential business partners
  7. Opportunity to promote your company services during network meetings, seminars, and by placing information about your company at the USRCC web site
  8. Access to specific database of potential trading parties related to your specific sector of interest in Russia, market research and studies for preferential for members rate
  9. Weekly newsletters related to the latest news of various Russian Industries








Membership comparison

Age 40 or younger
USRCC Committee membership
Added to our Recruiting data base for employment opportunities
Access to business networking events, seminars and speaker series
Discounted admission to Chamber events and activities
Use the USRCC Member Icon on email signatures, online profiles, or printed material such as resume
YP Memberships1234
Access to members only web pages
Introductory Article in the USRCC Newsletter
igibility to attend members only events
Company logo and company link on the USRCC website
Company logo and company link on the USRCC website
Discounts on registration to our Partners' events
One News Article in the USRCC weekly Newsletter
Membership benefits granted to One representative of the organization
Opportunities to co-host events and seminars
Company logo and company link on the USRCC newsletter
Direct company introduction (up to 3 companies)
One annual email blast of approved advertising/company material to USRCC members
Priority seating during USRCC events
National and International outreach
Assist in facilitating visa processing
Up to Two company representatives granted membership benefits
Up to Three representatives granted membership benefits
Priority consideration for a seat on the USRCC Board
Annual strategic planning meeting with the Executive Director
Priority consideration to be a speaker at special events
Priority consideration to introduce the guest speaker at special events
Multiple opportunities to join VIP private and exclusive events
Invitations to VIP receptions
Opportunities to publish quarterly member editorial on the USRCC website
Website video placement opportunities
One complementary pass in select events and VIP seating
Up to Five representatives granted membership benefits
Annual strategic planning meeting with the USRCC Chairman and Executive Director
Recognition at select USRCC events, conferences, and publications
Priority speaker at all Chamber VIP events, conferences and seminars
Customized promotion opportunities for your company
Two complimentary passes for select events and VIP seating
Up to Ten representatives granted membership benefits